Thomas was born about 1705 in the St Germans district of Cornwall. He married Thomasin STANTON on Christmas Day 1730 and the couple had John in 1732.
John, also born in St Germans, Cornwall, married Mary. The couple had:
Thomas 1752 John 1757
Joseph 1758 Thomasin 1760 Ann 1763

Thomas, baptised in Rame, Cornwall, married another Mary and the couple were the parents of
Thomasin 1775 John 1778 Thomas 1782
Joseph 1782 Thomas 1783 James 1785 Peter 1786
Mary Ann 1788 Susanna 1790 James 1793 George 1797

John - baptised in Rame, Cornwall, and later to become a fisherman there, married Ann, and the couple had
Margaret 1803 Mary Ann 1806 John 1808 Nancy 1810
Elizabeth Popham 1812 Thomasine 1814 Susanna 1816 Jane 1821

Thomasine - baptised in Rame, Cornwall, married George AVERY, and the couple had
John Dunstone 1835 (married his cousin Emma Elizabeth DUNSTONE) George 1837 George 1841 Jane 1843
George 1847 Elizabeth Emma 1849 Thomasine 1852 Susanna Maria 1855 William Henry 1864

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