Richard, born about 1730, married Rebecca STRAW (christened 22 September 1728) from Charleton and died on 11 September 1792 in Charleton, Devon.

Richard and Rebecca were the parents of

Richard 1754 James 1758 Thomas 1762-1763 Thomas 1766

Richard, christened 29 September 1754 in Charleton, married Susanna STONE (christened 1 January 1752) from South Pool and died on 11 Feb 1830 in South Pool, Devon.

Richard and Susanna were the parents of

James 1777 Susanna abt 1778 Richard 1779 Thomas 1781 Rebecca 1784 George 1786
William 1788 Mary Ann 1790 John 1793 Sarah 1795 Jacob 1792 or 1796 James 1802

Jacob, born about 1796, was an agricultural labourer for most of his life.
He married Jane DISTIN from South Tawton and died on 8 Jan 1856 in Kingsbridge, Devon.

Jacob and Jane were the parents of

John 1820 Jacob 1821 William 1823 Elizabeth 1826
Harriet 1829 James 1831 Samuel 1834 Joseph 1836 Ann 1839

James, christened 8 January 1802 in South Pool and brother to Jacob 1796, was an agricultural labourer for most of his life.
He married Grace JEFFERY from Dodbrooke on 31 March 1829 in East Allington and died in 1856.

James and Grace were the parents of

Jane Jeffery chr 16 August 1829, died 8 October 1830 Jane 6 October 1831 Susan 1837 Sarah 1840

John was christened on 2 May 1819 in South Pool, Devon. He started off as an agricultural labourer, but became a sailor by 1861, and in the 1881 census is described as a mariner.
John married Eliza ELLIOTT, also of South Pool, on 17 Feb 1848 - in South Pool. Eliza already had a son, called Thomas Damerell ELLIOTT (later to become a sailor like his stepfather), and John brought him up with the rest of the children. John died on 21 December 1890 in Kingsbridge.
Together, John and Eliza had
Ellen Elliott 1848 Benjamin 1850 George 1852
Mary Jane 1854 Charles Samuel 1856 William John 1859 Sarah Ann 1861

William John followed in the nautical traditions of his family and became a shipwright's labourer. Born on 31 July 1859 in Kingsbridge, South Devon, he was married in a register office in Southampton, Hampshire on 14 December 1879 to the daughter of a marine-store dealer, Bertha DAMERELL. Witnesses to the marriage were William John's brother Benjamin and Benjamin's wife Hannah.
William John and Bertha were the parents of

7 boys 3 girls

William John died on 12 Aug 1937 at Kingsbridge.

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